What is the effect of massage therapy on human body?

As you know the latest research have proves the positive effect of message therapy on human body because it can be used for different purposes according specific needs. On of the positive effects of the massage is pain relieve especially when a masseur uses such techniques as pressure point massage or Swedish massage.

Doctors and physical training therapists prescribe massage to relive back pain. And positive effect of massage was demonstrated when a person experiences problems with anxiety because it gives and opportunity to relax both body and mind. Also the positive effect was registered for people who have problems with blood pressure because massage gives and opportunity to reduce tension of the muscles and thus improve blood circulation and control both heart rate and blood circulation.

As a result blood can circulate without any problems through vessels and fulfill its functions such as supply muscles with oxygen and other elements which are required for function of the body and eliminate things. Also massage gives a positive effect on the immune system of a person. But this effect was not studied yet and requires professional analysis.

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