What is better a freelance masseur or a massage therapist at salon

A lot of people use the services of massage therapists who offer professional help. But there are two types of massage therapists: freelance masseurs and massage therapists who work in different salons and beauty spa centers. Services of every specialist have its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, prices for massage at professional spa salons are extremely high. But you get a full range of services and of course you ca get different kinds of massage. And of course afterwards you can have sauna or Russian banya.

But services of a freelance massage therapists. For example, prices for such services are lower. Also you can find a massage therapist whose services you like most of all. Also you will be able to get several massages which will definitely cost less. Moreover you can choose the date of the visit which suits you most. So whatever masseur you choose you must be sure that you will get professional help and wonderful massage.

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