What do you know about message therapy

Everybody will admit the fact that massage has always been considered to be one of the best means of rehabilitation and treatment. If you do not have any problems with health but you feel tired after a long working day you can visit a massage salon where you can try different techniques of massage which are offered now. For example you can try Acupressure massage which is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine. It uses special techniques of relaxation. Another type of massage is Thai massage which originally was practiced in India and uses techniques of ayurveda and yoga.

In this kind of massage a masseur uses different positions during massage. But if you want something less tradition it would be better to take up a Stone massage in which a masseur uses different heated and cold stones Such stones are used for many time and are polished and smooth and a put on the body of a person. The masseur uses different massaging strokes to get a better effect.

So you see that there are different techniques of massage which can be used now.

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